Chanel women’s T-stage analysis – Chivalrous girl’s Ode

Chanel 2020 autumn and winter knight spirit runs through the whole venue. Cool leather jacket, Frank Knights' pants and representative Knights' hats are the best evidence. In this season's series, there are almost no dresses, more Knights' clothes. The opening of the trouser leg of the Knights' pants is matched with the Qili boots. The image of flying horse that appears repeatedly is weaved on the lace, which reminds people of the silk armband of the jockey. The relaxed and lively wear and match sends out a tone belonging to the 90s, symbolizing the free and energetic chivalry. Details - wavy edges Thanks to the exquisite cutting technology and high-quality fabric materials, the application of arc wavy edge adds a touch of

Comprehensive analysis of men’s and women’s accessories at Première Vision in Paris

Première Vision in Paris, France, as the world's most recognized authoritative face accessories fair, has attracted 13 new accessories exhibitors and planned into a special exhibition area. The exhibition will have an important impact on the design and development of clothing in spring and summer 2021 through the development of innovative materials, traditional crafts and sports assembly parts. At the same time, the development of environmental protection and sustainability is still the most popular theme in the exhibition. Many exhibitors show their original production materials and production process in the exhibition stand, emphasizing the waste of various production modes and the new materials replaced, calling for innovation and change in the industry. Hand woven ribbon With the continuous growth of people's demand

Goodbye, burberry. I seem to love these windcoats more

In 1901, burberry designed the first trench coat, which has a history of one hundred years. Now, it seems that it can stand the test of time. Its style and fabric have their own unique language, which can leave a deep impression at a glance, and its practicability is incomparable. With the popularity of ikigai's life concept this year, the thinking mode of "ikigai" encourages people to find a more healthy and natural life style. The classic style of windbreaker combined with soft tone makes the healthy and natural life comfortable. Hooded windbreaker If you are in the streets of Britain, even with the cold wind and the drizzle, but the British do not like to hold an umbrella, they would rather

Spring / summer 2020 make KOL – Theme Trend Outlook

The derivation of Internet red economy has become one of the most concerned topics this year. "Internet red" refers to the people who are paid attention to by Internet users because of an event or an action in real or online life. High technology will increase the creativity of virtual netred. We have reason to believe that the trend of virtual netred is just beginning. A large number of virtual online celebrities have become a hot topic for luxury brands. Three virtual spokesmen have appeared in balman's new blockbuster, among which yellow skin Zhi also symbolizes China's market representative (1-1), while ugg has invited lil Miquela (1-2, 1-3). Dior beauty has invited noonoonouri to take a beauty promotion video (1-4, 1-5).

20 / 21 autumn and winter women’s shoes fashion pattern & element trend – elegant style

Key element - charming garden The vivid flowers and plants are decorated on the vamp by using the technology of electric embroidery, which is different from the large-area flower pattern in that they are more scattered and three-dimensional, or the three-dimensional decorative flowers can also create a lovely charming garden. Recommended brands include: keddo, Bata, gedebe, Dr. Martens, Marc by Marc Jacobs, burlee, etc. Key element - rainbow variations A variety of color combinations like rainbow, colorful colors bring the effect of lively youth. Recommended brands include: Paul Smith, iregular choice, Manolo Blahnik, soniaby Sonia Rykiel, etc. This year, Xiaoye Ma Kaiya has perfectly replaced Cui Xueli as a hot search overlord and a fashionable inspiration guide for tens of millions of girls. The

Non fluorine anti water splashing technology helps fashion trend and sustainable development of textile industry

During the period of ispo Shanghai 2019 held from July 5 to July 7, the American Como company, together with the cooperative brand Lafuma, presented the functional advantages of Teflon ecoelite? Non fluorine durable water splashing prevention technology with a multi form and situational experience, demonstrated how it can provide a breakthrough solution to reduce the environmental footprint of fabrics, and attracted the attention and favor of many brands, retailers and professionals. Teflon ecoelite? Anti splashing experience device attracted the attention of many professionals at ispo site. Ethan rim, global account manager of Teflon? Brand, said: "globally, the fashion industry, including outdoor sports industry, is actively moving towards sustainability, and consumers' understanding and requirements for environmental protection and sustainability are gradually

Weekend under the sky – spring and summer 2021 theme outlook

Escape from the pressure of the city, embark on the journey to the distant place, and find the blend of youth and nature again. As Fernando pesoa said in "the panic," I would like to live a different life in the far land. Roam freely in the boundless sky, looking for the cozy other side of the deep heart. Every time I set out, I want to meet a better myself. Embrace nature, bathe in the wanton weekend time, feel the re link between human and nature, and interpret the random outdoor style and self inner remodeling with another life. Color direction - the call of nature Cruising in the wonderful sky of the weekend, yearning for a leisure time to return