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20 / 21 autumn and winter women’s shoes fashion pattern & element trend – elegant style

Key element – charming garden

The vivid flowers and plants are decorated on the vamp by using the technology of electric embroidery, which is different from the large-area flower pattern in that they are more scattered and three-dimensional, or the three-dimensional decorative flowers can also create a lovely charming garden. Recommended brands include: keddo, Bata, gedebe, Dr. Martens, Marc by Marc Jacobs, burlee, etc.

Key element – rainbow variations

A variety of color combinations like rainbow, colorful colors bring the effect of lively youth. Recommended brands include: Paul Smith, iregular choice, Manolo Blahnik, soniaby Sonia Rykiel, etc.

This year, Xiaoye Ma Kaiya has perfectly replaced Cui Xueli as a hot search overlord and a fashionable inspiration guide for tens of millions of girls. The same hairpin, the same hangover makeup, the same curly hair and the same manicure From head to toe, this treasure girl has the magic power of imitation from hair to shoes.