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Trend analysis and hot product recommendation of luggage market in 2020-2021

Economic development is the evolution of the times, but also spawned the progress of various industries. In a favorable environment, the sales and demand of classification industry are also taking place. In many fast-growing industries, the sales scale of luggage market is gratifying. In 2019, it successfully surpassed the $150 billion in 2018. Luggage comes from carrying goods. With the growth of global tourists and the expansion of travel market, the growth of the global luggage market has provided a huge boost. In the future, the global luggage sales volume is expected to maintain a steady growth of about 4%. The sales trend of luggage industry continues to rise. Which fashionable bags will become the new favorite in 2020-2021. Through the

The latest trend of winter fashion in 2019 luxury brand bag

The theme of Chanel's autumn and winter 2019 show is alpine snow mirror. This season, there are naturally a series of matching themes, looking particularly warm handbags. Twill tweed, crystal, wool element, snowflake pattern, Nordic wind printing and a series of them all appear on the handbag CF with Nordic geometric pattern is specially integrated. Even if you wear black, it will not be dull on the back. There are a lot of fluffy backpacks, very autumn and winter atmosphere. Lv's Dauphine bag looks new and more technical when it's replaced with the electric light blue flower. Mini's luggage BB is round and lovely. There are classic old decors, green stitching and red, all of which are very autumn and winter. For Celine fans, classic is our