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Chanel women’s T-stage analysis – Chivalrous girl’s Ode

Chanel 2020 autumn and winter knight spirit runs through the whole venue. Cool leather jacket, Frank Knights' pants and representative Knights' hats are the best evidence. In this season's series, there are almost no dresses, more Knights' clothes. The opening of the trouser leg of the Knights' pants is matched with the Qili boots. The image of flying horse that appears repeatedly is weaved on the lace, which reminds people of the silk armband of the jockey. The relaxed and lively wear and match sends out a tone belonging to the 90s, symbolizing the free and energetic chivalry. Details - wavy edges Thanks to the exquisite cutting technology and high-quality fabric materials, the application of arc wavy edge adds a touch of

Popular trend of women’s sandals in 2019

The latest 19 spring and summer shoes are mainly simple, simple clip on sandal design, mostly made of rubber, which is an improved and upgraded version of flip flops. The colors are various, generally more colorful, with the characteristics of exotic wind. The clip toe simple sandals are suitable for holiday at the seaside, and they can also be well matched in daily life. Representative brands: violavinca, Chanel. Toe strap sandals Circular toe sandals, more abundant upper design. More pearl, hardware decoration, wearing and weaving, bandage and other technologies are used to make the visual effect of shoes more impact, and also add a lot of selling points. Toe band sandals are mostly made of comfortable flat bottoms, so they are not

Analysis of women’s bag burst in November 2019

Proportion analysis Compared with the previous month, the basic color of black and white has declined, and the proportion of red brown remains stable. Red, pink and green are the key colors of this month; the proportion of silhouette is still the highest for shoulder / Flip bag, and the amount of drag bag in medium and large silhouette has increased significantly; honey ginger tea, olive green and silver peony are the main colors. Brand share analysis Chanel, Michael kors and Christian Dior are the brands with good performance in the number of brand visitors and downloads. TOP1~TOP10 This month's top 10 styles are mainly of medium and large-scale commuter business style, among which semi-finished silhouettes account for the most, and Salvatore Ferragamo

The latest trend of winter fashion in 2019 luxury brand bag

The theme of Chanel's autumn and winter 2019 show is alpine snow mirror. This season, there are naturally a series of matching themes, looking particularly warm handbags. Twill tweed, crystal, wool element, snowflake pattern, Nordic wind printing and a series of them all appear on the handbag CF with Nordic geometric pattern is specially integrated. Even if you wear black, it will not be dull on the back. There are a lot of fluffy backpacks, very autumn and winter atmosphere. Lv's Dauphine bag looks new and more technical when it's replaced with the electric light blue flower. Mini's luggage BB is round and lovely. There are classic old decors, green stitching and red, all of which are very autumn and winter. For Celine fans, classic is our