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Trend analysis and hot product recommendation of luggage market in 2020-2021

Economic development is the evolution of the times, but also spawned the progress of various industries. In a favorable environment, the sales and demand of classification industry are also taking place. In many fast-growing industries, the sales scale of luggage market is gratifying. In 2019, it successfully surpassed the $150 billion in 2018. Luggage comes from carrying goods. With the growth of global tourists and the expansion of travel market, the growth of the global luggage market has provided a huge boost. In the future, the global luggage sales volume is expected to maintain a steady growth of about 4%. The sales trend of luggage industry continues to rise. Which fashionable bags will become the new favorite in 2020-2021. Through the

Analysis of women’s bag burst in November 2019

Proportion analysis Compared with the previous month, the basic color of black and white has declined, and the proportion of red brown remains stable. Red, pink and green are the key colors of this month; the proportion of silhouette is still the highest for shoulder / Flip bag, and the amount of drag bag in medium and large silhouette has increased significantly; honey ginger tea, olive green and silver peony are the main colors. Brand share analysis Chanel, Michael kors and Christian Dior are the brands with good performance in the number of brand visitors and downloads. TOP1~TOP10 This month's top 10 styles are mainly of medium and large-scale commuter business style, among which semi-finished silhouettes account for the most, and Salvatore Ferragamo