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“PD girl” of PEACEBIRD, get to know it!

Pacebird word 2018 brand launch takes "me and my" as the theme to break the external constraints and make your own exclusive label. Pb girls was launched as an identity tag to further explore the identity of young people with open topics. The whole press conference reflected a clear signal that PEACEBIRD has expanded from the simple self-identity of young people, i.e. "me", to more areas of interest and spiritual connotation of young people, i.e. "my". Me and My Peacebirds New cartoon image release! Me and my pacebirds, the graffiti like image of cute cartoon birds is integrated into the clothing, which is also of great significance for the brand to create its own IP image, marking the formal "IP based" brand. The

PEACEBIRD speaks for Chinese design at New York Fashion Week

At 9 a.m. on September 4, 2019, New York time, PEACEBIRD appeared in New York Fashion Week, with the theme of "wireless no boundary" as the theme, opening the grand show. No matter the choice of show clothes or the style design, Dashu is full of bright spots. It is more meaningful to combine the champion gold medal, volleyball game X and other elements, the concept of sports field, the combination of sports and trend, and the finishing touch with Chinese elements. Draw inspiration from the spirit of women's volleyball team to create a show and shape, release the pacebird men x M & M's and pace ° fashion sports series, join hands to honor honor, today's headlines, cross regional cooperation,