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Annual inventory – Top summary of fashion circle in 2019

Key words - Romance 2019 is a year of romance and exaggeration. In spring, the search for pearl bags, pearl hair accessories, tulle skirts and baby clothes increased significantly. In the summer, "mini bag" page visits increased by 50%, while brands such as Ganni, Cecilie Bahnsen, rotate and jacquemus have made bulky sleeves an essential trend this year. Key words - psychedelic From batik to neon green, psychedelic patterns and high-tech colors are popular trends this summer. From Proenza Schouler's knitwear to Ralph Lauren's Batik polo, customers love psychedelic. In the summer, the number of people searching for neon green goods increased by 69%. END

2019 Bazzar Jewelry international designer boutique Exhibition

This year's China's leading high-end boutique designer jewelry exhibition is held in the magic art center on the second floor of four seasons hotel in Beijing. Join hands with the grand IP of the Forbidden City to play with the new pattern of national tide, and reappear the charm of Oriental Aesthetics in the flowing light! See how the traditional aesthetics of the Millennium collides with the creative art of the new era in the design of cultural jewelry! Today, we are going to introduce the collection of "garden of rare gemstones" by Brigitte ermel, a French senior jewelry designer, who is brought by ouzhibao art jewelry. Dance of freedom Co liberty 18K gold, diamond, tanzanite It is said that Tanzanite is produced