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Spring / summer 2020 make KOL – Theme Trend Outlook

The derivation of Internet red economy has become one of the most concerned topics this year. "Internet red" refers to the people who are paid attention to by Internet users because of an event or an action in real or online life. High technology will increase the creativity of virtual netred. We have reason to believe that the trend of virtual netred is just beginning. A large number of virtual online celebrities have become a hot topic for luxury brands. Three virtual spokesmen have appeared in balman's new blockbuster, among which yellow skin Zhi also symbolizes China's market representative (1-1), while ugg has invited lil Miquela (1-2, 1-3). Dior beauty has invited noonoonouri to take a beauty promotion video (1-4, 1-5).

20 / 21 autumn and winter women’s shoes fashion pattern & element trend – elegant style

Key element - charming garden The vivid flowers and plants are decorated on the vamp by using the technology of electric embroidery, which is different from the large-area flower pattern in that they are more scattered and three-dimensional, or the three-dimensional decorative flowers can also create a lovely charming garden. Recommended brands include: keddo, Bata, gedebe, Dr. Martens, Marc by Marc Jacobs, burlee, etc. Key element - rainbow variations A variety of color combinations like rainbow, colorful colors bring the effect of lively youth. Recommended brands include: Paul Smith, iregular choice, Manolo Blahnik, soniaby Sonia Rykiel, etc. This year, Xiaoye Ma Kaiya has perfectly replaced Cui Xueli as a hot search overlord and a fashionable inspiration guide for tens of millions of girls. The

Weekend under the sky – spring and summer 2021 theme outlook

Escape from the pressure of the city, embark on the journey to the distant place, and find the blend of youth and nature again. As Fernando pesoa said in "the panic," I would like to live a different life in the far land. Roam freely in the boundless sky, looking for the cozy other side of the deep heart. Every time I set out, I want to meet a better myself. Embrace nature, bathe in the wanton weekend time, feel the re link between human and nature, and interpret the random outdoor style and self inner remodeling with another life. Color direction - the call of nature Cruising in the wonderful sky of the weekend, yearning for a leisure time to return

Annual inventory – Top summary of fashion circle in 2019

Key words - Romance 2019 is a year of romance and exaggeration. In spring, the search for pearl bags, pearl hair accessories, tulle skirts and baby clothes increased significantly. In the summer, "mini bag" page visits increased by 50%, while brands such as Ganni, Cecilie Bahnsen, rotate and jacquemus have made bulky sleeves an essential trend this year. Key words - psychedelic From batik to neon green, psychedelic patterns and high-tech colors are popular trends this summer. From Proenza Schouler's knitwear to Ralph Lauren's Batik polo, customers love psychedelic. In the summer, the number of people searching for neon green goods increased by 69%. END

4 comfortable high heels for women with wide feet

Is it hard to find a pair of fashionable high-heeled shoes suitable for your wide feet? You are not alone in this trouble. Although brands like Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin and Saint Laurent produce gorgeous high-heeled shoes, their designs are not always suitable for girls with wide feet. Consider a high-heeled shoe that has been carefully designed to create a very slim look. Also, if your foot is not in a narrow area, you know that this means it's worth pushing your little foot into the shoe and pretending to be in pain. If your feet are wide, we will introduce you the best brand for the office. In order to relieve your heel and foot pain and add

Fashion trend of women’s shoes theme in spring and summer 2020

The stripe is no longer a single straight stripe, which enriches the interest of the stripe and highlights the young tension of the stripe through curvilinear or c-contrast design; the elements such as herbs are reasonably used, with rich and bright colors, personalized expression and combination arrangement, which radiates vitality; the simple and interesting animal pattern with hand-painted lines adds interest and interest to daily life Full of flavor and personality, catering to the young market. The high gloss camouflage has a unique luster on its surface, which is suitable for spring and summer single products. It can be used in the style of sports shoes, making the campus more youthful and energetic. It can recycle durable packaging paper, which can

19 / 20 fall / winter sneaker color trend

Color symbol: victory, strength, speed, confidence, energy, courage, masculinity. Suitable for use: team sports, physical contact sports, track and field, cycling, any speed sports. Recommended brands include Balenciaga, Merrell, Cat, Callag Han, ASICs, Osiris, etc. Color symbol: health, wisdom, trust, commitment, calmness, confidence, persistence. Suitable for use: health and recovery fitness products and environment, such as yoga, meditation, spa. Tactical sports that require clear thinking. Recommended brands include Calvin Klein, Dsquared2, Dirk bikkebergs, Isabel marant, Salomon, Philippemodel, etc. Whether it's the show scene of major fashion weeks or the launch plan of traditional sports giants, it's not hard to see the off-road and outdoor style shoe design has gradually become a popular trend.