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19 / 20 fall / winter sneaker color trend

Color symbol: victory, strength, speed, confidence, energy, courage, masculinity. Suitable for use: team sports, physical contact sports, track and field, cycling, any speed sports. Recommended brands include Balenciaga, Merrell, Cat, Callag Han, ASICs, Osiris, etc. Color symbol: health, wisdom, trust, commitment, calmness, confidence, persistence. Suitable for use: health and recovery fitness products and environment, such as yoga, meditation, spa. Tactical sports that require clear thinking. Recommended brands include Calvin Klein, Dsquared2, Dirk bikkebergs, Isabel marant, Salomon, Philippemodel, etc. Whether it's the show scene of major fashion weeks or the launch plan of traditional sports giants, it's not hard to see the off-road and outdoor style shoe design has gradually become a popular trend.