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Comprehensive analysis of men’s and women’s accessories at Première Vision in Paris

Première Vision in Paris, France, as the world’s most recognized authoritative face accessories fair, has attracted 13 new accessories exhibitors and planned into a special exhibition area. The exhibition will have an important impact on the design and development of clothing in spring and summer 2021 through the development of innovative materials, traditional crafts and sports assembly parts. At the same time, the development of environmental protection and sustainability is still the most popular theme in the exhibition. Many exhibitors show their original production materials and production process in the exhibition stand, emphasizing the waste of various production modes and the new materials replaced, calling for innovation and change in the industry.

Hand woven ribbon

With the continuous growth of people’s demand for handicrafts, a large number of hand woven ribbons have appeared at the PV Exhibition in Paris. With exquisite weaving structure and natural hand feeling, natural materials such as unstained flax and hemp fiber are created into simple temperament, while pure handicraft creates eternal classic decorative appearance, and finally presents a simple and retro high-level feeling in style.

Light feather band

Feather has always been a popular element in high-end dresses. In many fashion design, feather is often used to create an exaggerated and charming avant-garde style. At the PV Exhibition in Paris, the vibrant feathers fade away from the usual sense of heaviness and are presented in a lighter manner, which not only expresses the versatility of feathers, but also brings a strong sense of retro romance. The bright color feather band is more suitable for the young consumer market.

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