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Goodbye, burberry. I seem to love these windcoats more

In 1901, burberry designed the first trench coat, which has a history of one hundred years. Now, it seems that it can stand the test of time. Its style and fabric have their own unique language, which can leave a deep impression at a glance, and its practicability is incomparable. With the popularity of ikigai’s life concept this year, the thinking mode of “ikigai” encourages people to find a more healthy and natural life style. The classic style of windbreaker combined with soft tone makes the healthy and natural life comfortable.

Hooded windbreaker

If you are in the streets of Britain, even with the cold wind and the drizzle, but the British do not like to hold an umbrella, they would rather wear a windbreaker. It’s not a British quirk, it’s the benefits of a windbreaker. A hooded one is their best choice.

Shoulder piece windbreaker

The highlight of this season’s windbreaker is to focus on the shoulder patch. Its unique shape has unexpected effects. Whether it’s the shoulder contrast patch or the fake two pieces of shoulder patch, they all bring more inspiration to the new season’s windbreaker muse.

Raglan sleeve windbreaker

Raglan sleeve is the cutting piece of the sleeve of a garment which is connected with the shoulder. It is also called raglan sleeve. Raglan sleeves and soft colors create a natural and simple style of clothing, making the appearance more soft and casual.

Asymmetric windbreaker

This season’s asymmetric windbreaker design is a popular trend point. Through the overlapping of one side placket or wrapping design, the waist is decorated, which enriches the changes of the waist and echoes with it, making the windbreaker more changeable, comfortable and practical.

Patchwork windbreaker

The individual splicing style windbreaker brings a unique and novel design sense. Its unique temperament and mix of different fabrics are fashionable and versatile. The different splicing of the fabric material also increases the thermal insulation effect.

Layering windbreaker

The multi-level windbreaker is like a heat flow sweeping the 19 / 20 autumn and winter T-stage, adding a touch of warmth to the cold winter. Its new way of dressing is not only fashionable but also warm, which is the best choice for autumn and winter dressing.


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