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Non fluorine anti water splashing technology helps fashion trend and sustainable development of textile industry

During the period of ispo Shanghai 2019 held from July 5 to July 7, the American Como company, together with the cooperative brand Lafuma, presented the functional advantages of Teflon ecoelite? Non fluorine durable water splashing prevention technology with a multi form and situational experience, demonstrated how it can provide a breakthrough solution to reduce the environmental footprint of fabrics, and attracted the attention and favor of many brands, retailers and professionals.

Teflon ecoelite? Anti splashing experience device attracted the attention of many professionals at ispo site. Ethan rim, global account manager of Teflon? Brand, said: “globally, the fashion industry, including outdoor sports industry, is actively moving towards sustainability, and consumers’ understanding and requirements for environmental protection and sustainability are gradually strengthened, which makes the textile industry’s understanding of sustainable products Demand is growing. Customers want products that meet sustainability without sacrificing performance and durability. The world is looking for sustainable solutions. As early as 2015, comer has taken the lead in bringing the first Teflon ecoelite? Non fluorine natural durable water repellent to the textile industry, contributing to the sustainable development of the textile green supply chain. “

Teflon ecoelite? Is a USDA certified bio based product. It is free of fluorine and contains up to 60% of renewable raw materials. It is based on the Zelan ™ R3 technology and has obtained the environmental certification of bluesign ®. What’s worth noting is that Teflon ecoelite? Products can achieve outstanding anti splashing durability on all kinds of fabrics such as cotton, synthetic and blended fibers, and its efficient anti splashing performance can be washed at least 10 times. For the ecological chain of textile industry, Teflon ecoelite? Can reduce the environmental footprint of textile industry from the upstream of supply chain, fully comply with the trend of sustainable development, and confirm the commitment of Teflon? Brand to environmental sustainable development.

During the ispo period, Teflon ecoelite ™, together with fashion popular female anchor Krystal, brought a visual feast combining “fashion”, “environmental protection” and “technology” themes to the audience through a live platform. In the process, Krystal shared the wonderful fashion show, and directly felt its innovative technology through the experience of Teflon ecoelite? Cloth anti splashing contrast test device, and personally tested the anti splashing performance of Teflon ecoelite? Given to the cooperative brand Lafuma clothing, which caused warm response from fans. Krystal praised after experiencing these activities: “the anti splashing performance of Teflon ecoelite? Clothing is an innovative achievement to improve our quality of life. It can resist all water stains. It can achieve outstanding anti splashing effect on all kinds of fabrics, such as cotton, synthetic and blended fiber, and help us prevent the stains in our life.”

Ms. Wang Xiaomei, brand director of Lafuma, a cooperative brand, also said in the live broadcast that after the application of Teflon ecoelite ™, the clothing can maintain good air permeability, bring more friendly wearing experience, and meet the consumers’ demand for the function of water splashing prevention and aesthetic comfort.

At this stage, Teflon ecoelite? Is mainly used in outdoor and sportswear product lines. With the increasing functional demand of consumers for daily wear, Teflon ecoelite? Will also be widely used. In the future, the product will be popularized in more application fields, including home textile and other fields with application demand for water splash prevention.