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Spring / summer 2020 make KOL – Theme Trend Outlook

The derivation of Internet red economy has become one of the most concerned topics this year. “Internet red” refers to the people who are paid attention to by Internet users because of an event or an action in real or online life. High technology will increase the creativity of virtual netred. We have reason to believe that the trend of virtual netred is just beginning.

A large number of virtual online celebrities have become a hot topic for luxury brands. Three virtual spokesmen have appeared in balman’s new blockbuster, among which yellow skin Zhi also symbolizes China’s market representative (1-1), while ugg has invited lil Miquela (1-2, 1-3). Dior beauty has invited noonoonouri to take a beauty promotion video (1-4, 1-5). Meanwhile, brands just need to worry about whether they are fashionable enough or not, And don’t worry that they may be as hard to make or as bad as the real Internet Celebrities.

Noonoouri was created by Joerg Zuber, artistic director of opium effect, a global design and brand agency that oversees many luxury customers. As a virtual ins online red and fashion blogger, noonoonoouri has better fashion resources than any real online red. Noonoouri is an 18-year-old fashion pioneer woman living in Paris. She has a strong interest in art and social issues. This shining 3D doll is enough to cause a phenomenal discussion in the industry with its own influence.

Just won the British Fashion Award in 2018, off white has only spent five years standing firmly in the fashion industry and is still rising rapidly. It combines strong visual impact with unique shape, thus creating an unprecedented American street trend combined with high-end fashion brands, which is highly sought after by the world’s trendsetters.

The high saturation firefly green seems to describe the dazzling but fleeting characteristics of netred.

The color is extracted from twitter, instagram, line and other online social software, which create the birthplace of online red, super pink to create the most fashionable girl series.

By means of folding, deformation and other means, the surface is made of tin foil, which has reflective effect and creates a shoe shape with full sense of future and technology.