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Non fluorine anti water splashing technology helps fashion trend and sustainable development of textile industry

During the period of ispo Shanghai 2019 held from July 5 to July 7, the American Como company, together with the cooperative brand Lafuma, presented the functional advantages of Teflon ecoelite? Non fluorine durable water splashing prevention technology with a multi form and situational experience, demonstrated how it can provide a breakthrough solution to reduce the environmental footprint of fabrics, and attracted the attention and favor of many brands, retailers and professionals. Teflon ecoelite? Anti splashing experience device attracted the attention of many professionals at ispo site. Ethan rim, global account manager of Teflon? Brand, said: "globally, the fashion industry, including outdoor sports industry, is actively moving towards sustainability, and consumers' understanding and requirements for environmental protection and sustainability are gradually

Trend analysis of women’s designer brand data in the first half of 2019

Recently, with the increasingly international vision of domestic young consumers, as well as the continuous pursuit of unique and creative single products, minority and pioneer designer brands have become more and more popular in the domestic market. In view of the download focus ranking of designer brands in the half year from January 1 to July 1, 2019, this paper extracts brand focus awareness, style identification, market topics, hot data and other perspectives for analysis, and comprehensively collates the top analysis big data ranking of designer brands by pop fashion trend. TOP1--OFF-WHITE Off-white is the designer brand with the highest number of downloads from January 1 to July 1, 2019. Off-white is a young brand of American street trend combined with high-end

A quick look at Spanish Berta cabestany women’s clothing, dynamic Valencia style

In September 2016, Berta cabestany, an independent Spanish designer, established the designer brand of the same name. In the early spring of 2020, Berta Cabestany, with the theme of "LA BELLEZA DE LA LUZ", paid homage to the beautiful Valencia and Spanish master Sorora for their happy and interesting separation and party. Berta cabestany's obsession with painting and artistic techniques is presented as a new marble print to celebrate the unique effervescence and light effects of Joaqu í n Sorolla's paintings. Embroidery has become the focus of this season. Valencia orange and Valencia Style Lace embellish the whole series, while puff sleeves are presented in different ways, bringing romance and warmth. Smart use of color light effervescent Joaqu í n Sorolla, a Spanish painter,

The style of cotton and hemp is hot. Look at the trend of women’s cotton down silhouette

"Environmental protection" has been a hot topic of great concern in recent years. With the increasing speed of global warming, the melting of glaciers, the endangered polar animals and other changes, all of which are promoting the rapid development of human beings to change the established way of life. Degradable and recyclable materials have become hot, and the style of cotton and linen has naturally been pushed to the climax of history. Nature, environmental protection and degradability are one of the most outstanding characteristics of cotton and linen fabrics, so the profile of winter cotton down jacket is more concerned. Japanese short down Japanese style clothing has obvious regional characteristics. Generally, Japanese style clothing pays more attention to the level of dressing,