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Printed fabric dominates women’s T-stage in spring and summer 2020

In spring and summer 2020, the latest release of fancy fabrics on T-stage, in which designers with big brain holes start to play with various graffiti painting techniques, collage and collision of art and painting newspaper culture, as well as exaggerated letter printing, graffiti random creative pattern printing, variation of stripe elements and kinematic geometry, and integration of holiday coast hand-painted pattern, etc., will bring interesting printing The pattern is perfect! 01 - Sports event The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will bring all countries together. On the basis of the 2018 World Cup, it is expected that the traditional patterns and logos will appear on the sports team uniforms to show the sports cultural tradition through striking prints and patterns. The

Fashion trend of women’s shoes theme in spring and summer 2020

The stripe is no longer a single straight stripe, which enriches the interest of the stripe and highlights the young tension of the stripe through curvilinear or c-contrast design; the elements such as herbs are reasonably used, with rich and bright colors, personalized expression and combination arrangement, which radiates vitality; the simple and interesting animal pattern with hand-painted lines adds interest and interest to daily life Full of flavor and personality, catering to the young market. The high gloss camouflage has a unique luster on its surface, which is suitable for spring and summer single products. It can be used in the style of sports shoes, making the campus more youthful and energetic. It can recycle durable packaging paper, which can

Milan Fashion Week in spring and summer 2020 – Classic with details

Milan Fashion Week in spring and summer 2020 mainly summarizes the simple and deconstructed designer brands such as Giada, Jil sander and Max Mara. Of course, the details and outline highlights of each chapter are combined with the fashion week to summarize all the design points to be popular for representative extraction, no matter the deconstruction details or auxiliary materials, including the use of color system, and the accommodation of single product silhouettes. Here All of them are reflected. Application of plain white The cool overall white is the key color matching method in spring and summer 2020. It is also the most prominent one from Jil sander, rejina Pyo, Victoria Beckham and other major brands. No matter the combination of

Analysis of key details of comprehensive data of London t-station in spring and summer 2020

In the spring and summer 2020 London Catwalk Fashion Show, more traditional British style design and cutting-edge modeling are displayed, the boundaries between various styles become more fuzzy and tight, the simplified European and Chinese Shu style will integrate more artistic, wild and nomadic elements, and the cutting will present details such as folds, sagging and deconstruction to update the traditional cutting modeling. In the detailed data of London t station in spring and summer 2020, tassel broke through the encirclement for the first time and ranked first. Compared with the press conference in spring and summer 2019, the application of tassel is more refined and pays more attention to the diversity of technology, and the proportion of long tassel is