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Goodbye, burberry. I seem to love these windcoats more

In 1901, burberry designed the first trench coat, which has a history of one hundred years. Now, it seems that it can stand the test of time. Its style and fabric have their own unique language, which can leave a deep impression at a glance, and its practicability is incomparable. With the popularity of ikigai's life concept this year, the thinking mode of "ikigai" encourages people to find a more healthy and natural life style. The classic style of windbreaker combined with soft tone makes the healthy and natural life comfortable. Hooded windbreaker If you are in the streets of Britain, even with the cold wind and the drizzle, but the British do not like to hold an umbrella, they would rather

“PD girl” of PEACEBIRD, get to know it!

Pacebird word 2018 brand launch takes "me and my" as the theme to break the external constraints and make your own exclusive label. Pb girls was launched as an identity tag to further explore the identity of young people with open topics. The whole press conference reflected a clear signal that PEACEBIRD has expanded from the simple self-identity of young people, i.e. "me", to more areas of interest and spiritual connotation of young people, i.e. "my". Me and My Peacebirds New cartoon image release! Me and my pacebirds, the graffiti like image of cute cartoon birds is integrated into the clothing, which is also of great significance for the brand to create its own IP image, marking the formal "IP based" brand. The

The style of cotton and hemp is hot. Look at the trend of women’s cotton down silhouette

"Environmental protection" has been a hot topic of great concern in recent years. With the increasing speed of global warming, the melting of glaciers, the endangered polar animals and other changes, all of which are promoting the rapid development of human beings to change the established way of life. Degradable and recyclable materials have become hot, and the style of cotton and linen has naturally been pushed to the climax of history. Nature, environmental protection and degradability are one of the most outstanding characteristics of cotton and linen fabrics, so the profile of winter cotton down jacket is more concerned. Japanese short down Japanese style clothing has obvious regional characteristics. Generally, Japanese style clothing pays more attention to the level of dressing,