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Weekend under the sky – spring and summer 2021 theme outlook

Escape from the pressure of the city, embark on the journey to the distant place, and find the blend of youth and nature again. As Fernando pesoa said in “the panic,” I would like to live a different life in the far land. Roam freely in the boundless sky, looking for the cozy other side of the deep heart. Every time I set out, I want to meet a better myself. Embrace nature, bathe in the wanton weekend time, feel the re link between human and nature, and interpret the random outdoor style and self inner remodeling with another life.

Color direction – the call of nature

Cruising in the wonderful sky of the weekend, yearning for a leisure time to return to pure life, comfortable and natural colors become the key to design. With the theme of light grass green, warm sand card and shadow green close to nature, the perfect integration of natural color system is emphasized. Morning fog grey and dark night blue add adventure to the unknown area as a whole. Sunlight yellow highlights the vitality of spring and summer season visually. The natural color calls for people to review the essence of life again and embrace a more real world!

Fabric direction – textured suede

Suede and suede are the best choice for outdoor style sports shoes. Fine texture suede, environmental protection and ventilation, soft and wear-resistant, with the natural grain and luster of leather itself, suitable for outdoor activities.

Element direction – Mountain Nature

The design of mountain natural elements is an ideal element for outdoor festivals and camping activities. Enjoy the fun of being in nature, play together carefree and embrace nature. The elements with the sense of natural folk custom are the lighting of the outdoor life linking man and nature.

Piece direction – Urban hiking boots

The pragmatism aesthetics of urban outdoor trend promotes the improvement of hiking boots. The narrow modern design stands out and brings new vitality to leisure sports. Choose a fit that retains the height above the ankle, adding bright colors to the shoe’s structure and round rope laces for a new look.